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Monthly Archives: March 2012

      “Buddy, Buddy!” Turning around I saw the two Canadian high school boys we’d met the night before rushing toward me.

     The evening before, we had talked about their lives in Canada. After much discussion about Canada’s energy policy concerning solar energy, about their family business in rural Canada and hunting and fishing, they began quizzing me about my life.

     This is how I began: “We write, Lin and I, and we tell people about God’s love for them;” their interest was refreshing. “Have you considered the incredibly wonderful message of the Christian faith?” I asked. And I pointed out that the Christian’s God is unlike that of any other world religion.

     “He is like the best person we have ever known,” I told them. “One who, when we’ve done wrong and we’ve been sorry later, tells us He forgives us, and to not mention it again.”

     We talked about atheism, about the overwhelming evidence that their must be a God. We pointed out that humanity has always arrived at the conclusion that there must be a God; that is why there has been so much religion. “But, the God of the Bible stands out, to me He is very believable,” I told them.

     Those young men seemed ready to talk all night. We talked about conditions in America and how it has emerged that to tell others that the Bible is right has become an offense: our schools are directed to lead students into believing that all religious training has the same effect. I told them that isn’t so and they agreed.

     Then I told them that it once was popular in our town for our church choir to stand in the balcony of a large department store at Christmas time and sing Christmas carols. I asked them if they knew the words to “Joy to the world.” They did and I asked them to help me sing it. “Joy to the world, the Lord has come,” one of them began. I interrupted Him asking, “Has He indeed?”

     Both of the boys mulled only a moment then answered, “Yes!” 

     “How does it continue” I asked but then continued myself: “Let earth receive her king.” “Well now,” I said, “Do you receive Him, or are you willing to reject Him?” Both of the men indicated that they had no desire to reject Jesus and that they indeed would receive Him. I told them that if they would receive Him, He would begin to root sin out of their lives.

     ”Have you sinned?” I asked? They admitted they had and I explained to them that God purposes to save their lives from sin’s destruction and to crown them with loving kindness. I told them again how unique to world religions is the idea of a personal God coming in the Person of Jesus to save us from our sin: “He is Savior, the Savior saves,” I said.

     We continued with the Christmas carol: “Let earth receive her King. Let every heart, prepare Him room. . .” Again I interrupted the song asking, “Would you young men, right now, prepare Him room in your hearts, or would you turn Him away?” They both said they wanted to open their hearts to Him and invite Him into their lives.

     Before we prayed I finished with the words: “And heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing, “Heaven rejoices when one sinner repents,” boys, that’s found in the Bible. “And nature sings,” I said that’s us, human nature: heaven and earth rejoice. I asked them again if they would pray then and there, telling God they were opening their hearts to receive His Son. 

     We prayed together and then two young ladies in their twenties, who had been nearby and heard our conversation, spoke up telling us all that they were Christians as well. “Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive her King. Let every heart: prepare Him room. And heaven and nature sing. . .”

     The life we now live is for our decision to accept or reject the Savior. Death and destruction is all around us. Each of us will die; the mortality rate on earth is 100%. In this life we have the opportunity to be a part of the greatest movement earth has seen, bringing civility and love into it. We have this opportunity to be involved as Christ carriers to others.

     It is easy because He yet comes into the earth seeking and saving the lost. When we receive Christ He indwells us and we become vessels of the Holy Spirit. 

     We share this message believing that readers will use this simple approach so that the Lord gains access to people all over the land.

     We share this website so that believers can be encouraged and reminded that our God does not slumber, that He answers faith and saves lives from destruction.

     Oh, reader, the Potter wants to put you and those you know back together again, and again, and again. He is a good consuming fire. He will bring you forth, if you will continually receive Him, and make you come forth rid of guilt and shame and as pure gold.

     “By grace are we continually saved, through faith ”(Ephesians 2:8).

     Two more people heard the Gospel for the first time in their lives. Two more were eager to say yes to God. And two new Christian young men talked into the night with two young and pretty Christian women. And that was just the start of their Christian lives.



     I read my own writing every so often. I read scripture of course, and there are some books that I have read in part many times. Why?  I want to be what I say at finer moments.

     What I write is like a discovery to me.  It is my desired thinking; that which I want to represent the real me. For I am duplicitous: sometimes very discouraged and at the same time seeking to stand tall: the two in one person.  I love hope and I love true love. I love independence; yet I embrace the reliability of my dependence on the LORD.

     I love my relationship with my wife as we seek daily to look to Christ and the influence of the Holy Spirit. Never do I sense myself as a whole person except when I close-up to Him whose invitation is never rescinded: “Come unto me oh heavy laden one.” (Matthew 11:28)

    I turn to Him consciously and plenteous cares fade to faith and trust. It is well with my soul; it is well, it is well.   Evening comes, projects never cease – and concerns: night arrives and I sleep; kindness remains paramount; things don’t much matter; blessing continues even in the toughest conditions – the climax, it is promised, is the best saved for last.

     God is not idle. In wonder and praise I know.  My writings minister to me as a reminder.

         “Bless the LORD oh my soul; oh my soul: worship His holy name.

          Sing like never before; oh my soul: worship His holy name” –(Matt Redman)

     “I go to prepare a place for you. If it were not so, I would have told you.” If you knew what it means, ‘I go to my Father,’ you would have rejoiced for me.” (John 14:2)  –Jesus.

    Today we know in part; but soon face to face. That part, which I know, which I wish to capture in print and desire to broadcast all over the globe is the Gospel according to my experience.

     We, those who have come to really believe, are answer to His prayer, “Thy kingdom come on earth.” (Matthew 6:10) 

     We are called, set aside, ambassadors of Christ, witnesses, the beloved – and we can be duplicitous – each one of us. Yet:

   “How deep the Father’s love for us. How vast beyond all measure. That He should send his only Son: to make a wretch His treasure.” – (Stuart Townend).

    His love is past finding out: write it, share it, enjoy it, believe it, and trust Him for it.