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Monthly Archives: April 2012


 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).  

     Two Adams are revealed in scripture. The first Adam represents you, and I, everyman; and the genesis, the beginning. Mankind was destined by God to awaken to the fact that He must have God to assist him.

     The second Adam, by design before the beginning, is Jesus. Jesus became the Christ, the new creation of man. Through Him, everyman, you and I, “Can do all things.”  His strengthening makes this possible.

     This “second Adam” Jesus, was more than the first Adam could have been.  He is the Son of God.  Isaiah mentioned Him.  As God’s spokesman he wrote, “Unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given” (Isaiah 9:6).

     The first Adam fully represents you and me. He was soon alienated from the God who continuously came to him “in the cool of the evening” God still came to him, but his sin brought a barrier to their relationship.   Adam was changed; not God. (Genesis 3:8)

     The LORD knows “the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10).

     I remember as a young boy, the day I was separated from my mom and brother at the National Dairy Congress. I felt I was fine in the crowd until I realized that I was following the wrong skirt-tails.  I was lost and in a crowd of people who didn’t know me and couldn’t comfort. I remember as well, the joy at being found and reconciled again.  The joy of being found was greater in pleasure and than the fear at realizing I was lost.

     So it is with everyman, when He is reconciled to the God who said, “All things work together for good to those who are called into His purpose” (Romans 8:28).

     God wills to “save our lives from destruction, to crown our lives with loving-kindness, and to renew our youth as the eagle’s” (Psalm 103).  In the reality of His doing, we will ultimately never grow old.

     Jesus said, however, “In the world ye will have tribulation; be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). 

      Some will reject Him and foolishly presume that their destiny will work out. “But to as many as receive Him, to them gives He the power to become children of God” (John 1:12). 

     The power to become was demonstrated throughout the Old Testament, and written about in the New Testament. Standing out from the masses:  Moses, Joshua and various others by faith accomplished the all things which are the possibility made possible by Jesus. 

     Why is Jesus as a second Adam?  He is so because He is the “first-born” of nearly another race.  He is our elder brother and the divine provision for us to be re-born into the family of God.

     To be re-born is to be changed; yet, it is still me.  The difference now is, “I can do all things.”   What we doing since we united with Him? What are we tackling in the name of Jesus Christ? For we really now can do all things. Jesus said, “Only believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” (Mark 9:23). 

     Twelve disciples began a missionary movement that changed the world and turned it right-side up. This we can do also, through Him. God will; will we?  God’s answer is recorded as “Yes.”

     Christ is in me, I am in Him, and we are one in the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. (John 14:10)

     I cannot understand how I will do the things of faith, but in fact, the LORD will do (through me) more than I ask or think.

      Some of us have called computer technical support. For repair we gave remote control of our computer to the technician and then watched him navigate through it at twice the speed of our thinking getting rid of the virus and restoring our system.   God’s personal salvation of our lives also gets rid of the virus, but in restoration He imparts the Holy Spirit.  Through salvation we become new creatures. “Behold all things become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17). 

     God’s will for everyman is that His glory will be “As a light that shines brighter and brighter” (Proverbs 4:8).  The bright hope, Jesus suffered the cross for the joy that was set before Him. (Hebrews 12:2)   Oh, that will be glory–– for me when I land on that other shore––glory fully revealed; in His visible presence.

     Let us, then, “While it is called today,” do some of the “all things” which are possible to faith. (Hebrews 3:13)   In union with the LORD, a world-wide awakening is in progress. At the same time that Hell is pushing full-force against us.   The Sovereign Almighty is on our side.

     We say by faith, “I can do all things – through Christ.”  What is the desire of your heart, reader?

     The LORD will give us the desire of our heart if we will delight in Him, because He has taken control within; and because we have relinquished our control to Him.  He is ours and we are His.



I have thought much about sharing with strangers, that God loves them and wants them to know it. When we do, the Spirit of His love brings tears, flushed faces, a warmth and glow on many: can we be wrong?

Should we be saying, and it is surely true, that sinning is shameful, and we should all be ashamed? I think not. Upon His cross, why do I call it His when it was mine? “He despised the shame;” mine, not his; why would I raise the issue of their shame when I am equally guilty? Do we not have enough without saying? Can I really gain by doing so? Did Jesus do it?

Unless we are caught by the Holy Spirit, being accused of our sin only leads to excuse. Much sin is done due to the influence of bad examples. All of us can reason why; anyhow, “Faith works by love,” and “Love suffers long and is kind” and “Love covers a multitude of sins:” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8; 1 Peter 4:8). Love sure covered mine.

It was Love that I met the night Christ came into my heart. I have recognized the wince of the harshly criticized child; it is a pain I can never forget. Besides, the love of Christ constrains me: “Oh how He loves me and you.” It is this love I also can never forget.

How soon would despair drive me into the woods and away from the world, were it not for the comfort of the Comforter. It is that we desire, it is a passion within us to do what we think the church solely exists to do, to bring many sons to glory.

It is glory. Shining faces like those we see is glory. Oh, that the church at large were thus engaged. The team is broken; but it only takes a spark to once again see the fire going.

You out there, God loves you and He wants you to know it, really know it. He came, He said, “to take away our sin, to seek and save those who knew Him not. (John 1:29)

Following is a true story written from the experience of Pat Esch:

Do you remember when a real revival (not what churches say revival is by humanly preparing for one) hit Wilmore when Larry was in Seminary? I don’t know if you remember, but it was so neat to be involved in how God took over, and repentance was happening all over the place. I especially remember when the President of the Seminary and the President of the College came up front crying and sharing their story of how they had been feuding for years. They hugged and bawled out loud like babies. Indeed God was present in a mighty way that I have never experienced before.

The Savior saves; and asked that we tell this to the corners of the earth.