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Monthly Archives: June 2012

That’s where the “Water-boy” comes into view.

The family of believers started when Abraham obeyed God. A family is built one-by-one.

Then, God began to have water boys, evangelists, whose mouths were given to God. These are co-workers with God, planting the Word, watering His crop; with God bringing the increase.

In His word we read that it’s not God’s will any should perish.

It says, “The redeemed of the Lord should say this” (Psalm 107:2.

It says we should make sure that the light which shines in the heart of every true believer is not hidden.

“We,” you and me, are “ambassadors of Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:20). No believer is exempt from the privilege of being co-workers with Almighty God. Our being drugged by Satan’s strongholds can hinder the successful outreach of God’s love for the world.

Every believer has been born from above and given the earnest, the deposit of the Holy Spirit. Even as I write, the Holy Spirit confirms it’s so.

There is one who would rob that confirmation directly from our hearts (John 10:10).

The Holy Spirit will make of us “Fishers of people” if we follow Him. One caring Word is greater than thousands of arguments.

The Water-boy is every believer. Being loved, he or she must share that love.   ‘God loves you and He wants you to know it.’

A friend in need; needs a friend indeed.

Jesus! What a friend for sinners.


      How can a Christian’s life be changed from a lumbering high-flyin’ easy out, to an over-the-fence routine? It has to do with the power in the swing, the alignment of the bat, and perfect timing. I can’t do it. I’ve tried until my shoulders simply can no longer take the strain. I know I can’t. Don’t encourage me anymore, I can’t.  No, I don’t have a little engine in me anymore, saying, “I think I can, I think I can.” I think I can’t.

     I ‘got saved,’ and told Jesus I was opening the door to my heart. I’ve read the Bible over forty years. My mind is full of scripture and I voice it much.

     Jesus did nothing of Himself, and without Him, I can do nothing (John 5:25). I do plenty of that, and once in a while God does things kind of by accident, in spite of me it seems.

     Were the “Acts of the Apostles,” actually the “acts of the Holy Spirit?” Was what Jesus did actually what the Holy Spirit did? If this is so, then, I really can do all things “through Christ which strengthens me” (Phil.4:13).

     Is this true? Even if it is, how can I get on board?

     The Lord said, “Only believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” (John 9:23).

     When the waters overflow you, I will save you, even when your faith is weak and you swim in vain against the current, I will never leave you or forsake you. (Hebrew 13:5)

     When you fall I will lift you up. I love you with an everlasting love. My mercy is forever. Come, learn of me. Only believe. All things are possible to him who believeth.   

    It is good to cease from my own works.  This is your Sabbath, He says, your rest, and it is to be forever. Let me take the helm. Let my river flow.