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Monthly Archives: February 2013

She was not unattractive, nor especially friendly. European women, we have found, have a way of holding back whereas American woman do not as often show such restraint. Besides, she was there to serve our meal, not there to become our friend.

All of the pain we’ve experienced in life may be even doubled in others’ lives. Hope and re-found courage can be given to others by mere words. If we care as He cares should we not also dare to interrupt the mundane life?

God is Love. We purpose to make known in the lives of even strangers – in their hearts – that His love can be experienced as a bubbling fountain within bringing hope and mercy, kindness and caring, courage to live and dream again.

Jesus said that we might find that fountain rise up within our being such that from within our bellies it would flow into this sad world. Such love can be often rejected.

“Where are you from?” I asked when she returned to our table.

“From Italy,” she answered with a sudden smile.

As she opened up she told us she had come with her husband, had a young boy, had been divorced, and had no family in America. She laughed when I asked her if she liked American men. “They are not romantic like in Italy.”

I interrupted with some hand and arm gestures as I’d seen in the movies and she seemed to feel much more comfortable. “We are sorry this has happened to you,” we told her as she hurried to next table.

After our meal was served she returned. I looked her in the eyes and said, “God loves you and He will never let you down.” That he has a tender plan for her life, that He would forgive her if she had sinned, and much more. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was continuously thanking me – which she did again as we left.

The day before we had visited with a Brazilian doctor, “I am divorced and the church has excommunicated me,” he told me in front of his wife and son and in a crowded food court in South Florida. I had shared Psalm 51 with him, telling Him – and his wife – that God loves them.

It dawned on me that the Brazilian doctor and the Italian lady that the church in Europe, wanting to preserve the sanctity of marriage, “excommunicates” so many from church. The church really is a hospital for the mending of souls. Linda told me afterward that He was intent on every word from my lips. He too thanked me, and he promised that He would read Psalm 51.

How do I know that God loves those we know nothing of? Will I look the fool saying this to people I’ve never met before? Will I offend those of another religious point of view? Sometimes I do – all the above. Linda and I have a special joke. From time-to-time I tell her, “Well, I cleared out the room again.” She knows what I mean.

Jesus said, “I am in you, and you are in me, and we are one in the Father.” “As He is” – therefore, “so are we in the world.” (1 John 4:17)

We ask, “What is God’s will for my life?” This is it.

Sometimes in a crowd or group I feel like an empty oddity, not wanting to be there at all, wishing I could be alone along a river bank or alone with Linda. Then a window opens, someone shows interest toward God, life flows from my heart – my mind fills with gospel thoughts – my words become scripture and expounding of scripture – people are helped. It is as though a torrent flows into the interested person and nothing else around exists. It is total absorption for a few moments. I believe that then, “He works and hitherto, I work.” Jesus is the head of the body, I am a body member; I water, the Holy Spirit brings the increase: the kingdom of God is among us.

What a simple message: God loves you and wants you to know it.

For this cause, Jesus came into the world seeking us. Soon this life will be over. Never will everlasting life end.


In his book, “The Force of Faith Creating,” Don H. Polston explains that what I believe establishes in me where my life will go.

What I believe is my ‘why’ this will happen with my life.

What I believe determines my choices that will shape my life.

My plan, vague as it may seem to me, is formed in my mind by what I believe. Yes, what I believe is my roadmap to life.

What a man believes he will do.

What he believes will determine the risks he takes.