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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Those who keep themselves busy, and fail to find their root in God, have nothing. Oh, that we would be arrested by this message; so that others might find the Fountain flow within them springing into eternal life.

He is that Light which only can give Life – and Love – and Hope to us. “He is that light which lights every man which comes into the earth.”

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the ungodly.” Who is ungodly except those who ignore the urging of the Holy Spirit to holy living? And who is Holy but God? And who invented themselves or self-created? None of us.

The Creator – creates – nothing self-originates. Fools play the intellectual game; but their lives too were gifted them by other than themselves.

We were purposed to turn to Him in disgust for the wrong we’ve allowed – chosen – we will wither and fail to become what He has destined us to be – unless we acknowledge our sin and ask Him to take it away. Sin ruins everything it touches.

But it could not ruin Jesus. He ruined it. Love ruins selfishness wherever it is allowed to sprout – to take root. God, “So loved us, that He gave” – and planned before creating us – Jesus – the Son of Mary – the Son of God – the only Savior to have ever walked the earth.

His sorrow is that many will not heed God’s urging – God’s urging us to receive the gift of His Son. His sorrow is for us; but in Him as well. We can wither: He cannot and will not. Finally, His sorrow will become anger – anger that many rejected Love and chose the putrid way of sin.

Temptation is common to us all. More so is the inner voice of God calling away from sorrow. We may, by choice, turn to the Fountain of all successful new beginnings. God is there. He has spoken. He speaks now. “Come to the Fountain there’s fullness in Jesus,” reads a favorite hymn of mine: “While you are calling Him He will be found.”

“I will be found of you,” reads God’s word to us. “We are the branch.” Jesus is the Vine. We can abide in Him by refusing to obstinately – and faithlessly – and deceitfully – and withering-as-we-go cling to that which cannot satisfy.

Right now – “today, while it is yet called today” – we can walk in the eternal life which is only ours as a received gift. “Our leaves will not whither,” fruit will abundantly be on our limbs – His limbs. “And whatsoever we do shall prosper.” We shall then be “AS a light that shines brighter and brighter until that day.”

Every light that men create – withers with time. Every Light that is a God-implant – as is life itself – can be seen to have that indomitable glow – in youth; in old age; evermore.

The life that wins is Christ in me. He invites Himself to me. Think of this. How bold and how precious a Friend is He: Me, sin-marred: He, blood-stained. He, weeping for me: Me, often weeping for the wrong choices I have made.

To abide in Him at His bequest – His invitation saying “If any is burdened or heavy laden, come unto me.” Let us run to the shelter for that is why He allows the storms – He can stop them, you know. Let us run to Him who is “A consuming fire.” And what does He consume? My hate, my regret, my mistakes and worse – my bad: bad: bad choices . . . their consequences end at the foot of the cross if I will kneel there.

And I do. And I win. And the Fountain does flow within. And the fruit does appear. And the joy can not wither. And the hope can not fade. And my boast is not what my hands have done – but His. Nail-pierced; arms outstretched – predestined – pre-ordained – Love’s ambition . . . my hope. Glory!!!!