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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Worry has to do with me looking for solutions. If I perceive there is a pending train wreck, worry has in me the urgency that I must solve it.

How does God deal with us? He knows the list of possible results to every step we take. He knows the checks and balances He has put into play with the purpose that we might “come to ourselves,” so-to-speak; as with the parable of the Prodigal son. The Father waited, not in indifference, not without hope. What does the Father know, and what can I learn from Him? My heart too pines for the best for those I know.

Prodigals play the fool. I have done that too much to ledger. “If I had only known” could be my epitaph. I could advise myself today, that a person should develop himself; that is the primary role. Some work at what they love nearly to the day they die. So they “had a life”- all their life. Viewed from this side of the grave; not too bad!

We tend to see tomorrow from today’s lenses. Our plans are mostly built on that of which we are familiar, and less on wisdom.
Or on advise: thousands of college graduates are finding that government funded jobs have not kept pace. Thousands of senior citizens are finding that their “nest egg” spoiled. Hoping to downsize at the end, millions have lost the value they had hoped would be there for the final days: the homes they worked a lifetime to make really their own now taxed so high that were they to divide by twelve, their monthly property tax is more that their house payment forty years ago. The scene forty years ago did not give an accurate of the future. This is but one example.

But we can look into our tomorrows from another vantage point. Jesus called it the truth. The Old He said He fulfilled and He established the New. We can choose to read it, ignore it, reject it, or embrace it. It is the Book on worry. Its theme anticipates the end from the beginning. Everyone has each. From cover to cover in it we read of God’s remedy for our mistakes, blunders, and outright wrong doing.

We definitely do not see the end from the beginning; not even for some of our most miniscule choices. “To err is human;” to completely care is Divine. He is love; and we desperately need to be loved; especially when we’ve gotten into a mess.