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Monthly Archives: January 2016

The radical difference between life and everlasting life is for everlasting life our choice is the only contingency. Heaven is the place for those whose answer to God was, “Yes.”

God has spoken in numerous ways to us; no one exempt. According to the light given us by Him, all of us will have chosen – “yes” or “no” and with no in-between option. Almost thou persuade me, Paul, said one to him. To be almost persuaded actually means that we are un-persuadable and mentally we said, “No.” (Acts 26:28)

Those who accepted religious ideas; but rejected the Voice that speaks both to conscience and mind astonishes me. Great men of the past have recorded for us their encounters with religion, their search, and their conversion. St. Augustine was one such; the Apostle Paul another – the list of them and their “confessions” are quite impressive, very persuasive: they allowed the Truth to persuade and lead them to the Christ

“Yes,” is frequently said to God in repentance; when we are truly sorry for having hurt someone, for having sinned; for having done what we knew we ought not. Sin always brings hurt – sometimes to us, sometimes to those we say we love, sometimes to other victims.

Anyone who will not repent also will not be gifted with everlasting life in heaven – in the abode where Jesus had gone; there preparing a place for us. Such a place is prepared for all but will only be inhabited with those who were willingly persuaded by the Lord.