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Monthly Archives: November 2016

We say that the ultimate sacrifice and the greatest sacrifice and act of love known to man is giving your life for another. Globally, this thought is maintained – because it is obviously so.

Self giving love – is kindness at its best. And appreciation for such love should mold new character in those loved.

We honor our veterans for their “sacrifice.” There is nothing strange about either ones choice to give at his own expense or to show gratitude to the giver.

Dads and moms’, brothers’ and sisters’, and sheer strangers – as with the “Good Samaritan,” actually should contain and express such loving-kindness.

And why should not God do the same; as Jesus said, “God is Love.

Think about the things He said. “I am come,” He says, as the Father’s Son sent “To give my life for many.”

Despite the fact that we all understand and should appreciate the goodness of such self sacrifice, no inventor of ideas – no philosopher – no originator of religion – – – no Karl Marx – no Plato or Aristotle – no Einstein – no single originator of an idea came up with an understanding of a God of such love.

Yet, mercy and forgiveness – a possibility of being born-again such that a person could become “a new creation” – changed; is revealed nearly everywhere in the Bible. And gratitude to God for His mercy is found among those who turned to Him for help – for mercy – for God’s substitution sacrifice: He sent His Son to die in our place.

Justice must be served. Every religion deals with our having fallen short – the Bible calls this our sin. What goes around – comes around, we seem to agree. Oriental thought expresses this as the law of Karma – broken unchangeable rules, they indicate, have consequences.

Religions deal with righting our wrongs by outdoing our wrongs with right. Thus are written the multiple “ways” for curing our individual wrong paths.

Rules of conduct are found in every religion; but none even consider the concept of God being a merciful Person; One willing to take our place – to serve justice at His own expense – and for us as a gift of mercy.

That is why the Christian’s message is exceptional – and understandable. For, in the home, or among the nations; forgiveness and appreciation of it has always been the fundamental for world peace.

Following World War II, America led the way of international forgiveness. That was because America was deeply influenced by the Bible-found Gospel of God in which we are taught, “Forgive us our debt as we forgive others.”

Even that thought fits our moral conscience as reasonable and right.

That “our” God is the only God – exceptional extra-ordinary – but very understandable and without being self-contradictory – – – or foolish looking as were the gods of the Greeks and Romans — quarrelers amongst themselves — none really powerful enough to be believed as a God — more like quarreling bullies — and not giving us clarity: revelation concerning themselves or clarification about the way to live.

Jesus said, “I am the way – the truth – the life:” He said “I Am” the door, the Son of God; the incarnate Son of God. Jesus died in the spectacular style of one giving His life for all. His life is history; not myth as was the origin of other religion – all of it myth, superstition, guess-work at best.

It comes down to this one message from God to man that alone fits the need for personal peace and world peace. “Will you be made whole?”
Would you like to forgiven, actual having your conscience sprinkled clean?
Given a new start and indwelt with divine strength for each day?
Would you like to be able to forgive such that resentment and anger no longer controls you?
Would you like the common sense Gospel of God to set you free?

If so, turn your thoughts toward Him – tell Him you have fallen short of even your ideas about right and wrong. Believe the fact: He sent His Son and any who receive Jesus will find that they “are free indeed.”

Thank the Father for sending His Son, and ask Him to be your Guide forward – and He will. For this cause, the Father created you and I — that He would first love us and that we would come to know Him and to love Him in return.