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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Peter’s brother was not doing evangelism when He brought him to see Jesus. He was excited. “Come, see!” he said. “Is this not the Messiah?”

After Peter had seen Jesus, he followed him the rest of his life. Even after Jesus ascended into heaven Peter boasted to be his follower.

” No “school of evangelism” existed. Jesus was building His church.

Of first importance to the disciples after Jesus’ life here was that they continue as “witnesses” of the resurrection.

Before this time there was nothing called “church,” yet, thousands “were added to the church daily and the word was published” spreading into the entire literate world.

The church of Jesus Christ – He did and does build.
“Peter,” Jesus said, “You will be the rock for building MY church.” (my interpretation).

And then came more on the subject of Christ building His church. The church is Christ in me: He, still building His church —- through me —- “I will make you fishers of men.”

The growth of a Christ embracing church is an overflow of our enthusiasm sometimes saying, “Look at what the Lord has done;” sometimes saying to our acquaintances, “Is not this the Christ,” look and listen for yourself; come; please come. We are inviting them to a celebration during which He builds His church. He comes to us at the very point of our need; where He touches – and heals, and saves, and delivers – – – and becomes enthroned in us such that we become new creatures — born of the Holy Spirit — quickened; that is filled and changed —and learning about the change.

We take to heart that we are “New creatures, that the old has passed away” and we begin to see that Satan is now on the outside trying pitifully to makes us view ourselves yet at least partially lost, not holy, not saints, and needing to try harder to be holy; to be perfect: to perfect ourselves. Well, it’s never going to happen this way. Wouldn’t we be proud of ourselves if we could make ourselves holy?

“Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord.” Yes, but His holiness is His gift to us: undeserved by us – very deserving to us because He has given His very life for that cause.

“Follow me,” He bids us; and I, will build my church in co-effort with you, “I will make you fishers of me — sometimes – mostly – in very not-evangelistic ways; but ways that do serve to evangelize. To love people does often result in reaching them not for Christ; but as Christ persons born of the Spirit. . “As He is, so are we in the world.” He comes to our need. An indirect result so that we, not merely join the church; we become the church built by Him.

Church should be a place we find encouragement —- “Ye have not yet faced the fiery trial that cost you your blood,” encouraged Peter; when Nero had in his circus burned Christian as lamp-post for his murderous escapades.

We come to church sometimes with heavy burdens too great for us to bear alone. Our “brethren” love us – and we them. Battles common to us all” Lord and Savior, Healer, the One who delivers us —- yes, we are gathered together and He is with us.

And we go on not thinking that we need more members – more money; but rather that “We cannot help but tell the things we have seen and heard:” we barely recognize that He has made us “Fishers of men.” This is because His love is shed abroad in our hearts the same as His: “For God so loved” and He and we have been made One.


We are fooled if we fail to understand that evangelism does not happen because we argue well.
It does not happen either, because our apologetics is masterful. As a falling tree cannot be heard unless there are ears listening, any effort to further the kingdom of God into other’s lives is totally, utterly dependent on them being reached by the Holy Spirit.
For a revival to happen would we not be insanely ignorant were we to ignore that the vital energy of it all is the experienced presence of God. That Presence is the Holy Spirit making Himself manifest to us.

We can be vessels: we are supposed to be ambassadors of Christ; but we may as well try to put out a forest fire by blowing if we think that we can do anything at all – ANYTHING – except it is God who is communicating to those we teach, preach to, and otherwise try to help.
All evangelism and revival ministry can only be effective as God is received into our hearts; but also as we acknowledge Him as we go forth; that it is He leading and He doing: we are vessels of Him.

Jesus said, “Without me, you can do nothing.”