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me-book-wLinda is fun and friendly, but she doesn’t fit. The kids at Kendall Grade School buy their clothes at Black’s, the rich people’s store, but not Linda. They never flunk, or miss school, and they get to go swimming every day in the summer, but not Linda. In seventh grade Linda uncovers a secret that will change her life forever.

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The Artifact can only be described as a journey that answers many questions so many of us have about America. What happened? Can we go back? Can we engage our schools to have morals, values? Do we have a voice? What can we do?

Your mind will be opened to how the Bible has been an intricate part of our American history, and how an indoctrination of our offspring to the Humanist vision of how to “make a better world” is not and cannot, without God, make the world better.

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Over the Hills and Through the Valleys is the story of Linda and Buddy Blanford. Told in individual perspectives (his view/her view) it is a story of candor, romance, humor, crisis, tenacity, and faith.  How could two volatile teenagers surviving the struggles and demands of marriage.  Fifty-eight years later, they are still together, still in love, and still the best of friends.

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