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Monthly Archives: April 2013


We sing: “To be like Jesus, all I want, to be like Him.” Then we must live “by the faith of the Son of God.” Jesus, “Suffered long, and was kind.” because His faith was that He indeed would “bring many sons to glory. (Galatians 2:20, Hebrews 2:10)

The Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead.   The Holy Spirit is the power, and the gospel preached “is the power of God . . .” in operation. To this resurrection power all men must answer:  some “walking into the light” and saying “YES;” others hiding in darkness and saying “NO.”

This resurrection power is released through faith’s actions and is felt by those in the wake of such actions. He convicts “of sin, of judgment, and of righteousness.” This is the operation of the true church and the Holy Spirit – released in our mortal bodies through earnest faith that avails much.

Suffering is inevitable; but must never be allowed to deter us. We will succeed in the measure of our reliance because our God is at work: He is without failing – at work.

We must and may reject our emotions. By their leading many have become either vainly proud or mistakenly discouraged. With either, the devil seeks to gain an inroad right smack into our churches and Bible schools. The proud judge others. The depressed discourage others.

But through the valiant faith of many, God’s kingdom continues on earth as it began with Jesus. Often, as it was with Jesus, as it was sometimes with Paul, as it should be in a world where rejecting God happens, the person who carries the banner to the end zone cannot have strength enough unless all of His hope is in God.

Every one of us has missed the mark.  Sin is described in scripture by the Hebrew word “harmatia” and the Greek word “kata.” Both mean “missing the mark”. The Savior did not. His success was utterly on our behalf. His success is our only chance to escape the judgment we already have pending. He ransomed himself, and there is no other way than the Christ.

We must not let our emotions, nor our temptations blind us; we are in Christ – we are “The Life That Wins.” And faith is how we win as we walk.

Good works may bring praise, they may bring relief, but they will not bring resurrection life without which we are dead already in trespass and sins.

There is no sure cure for the suffering on earth than that offered by the Gospel of God. God is faithful to the man of faith who trusts, even as doubts cloud his outer man.

“By grace and through faith we are saved.”

By grace and through faith we refuse temptation, fight the darts which blame and shame – and tempt – and draw us into self evaluation – the wrong kind. “He is the author and finisher of our faith.” He believed: we believe. He pursued: we pursue. His expectation was anchored in that (He and therefore I) can do nothing of myself. But God does every day what is impossible to man.

Every bit of ministry must issue from faith in God: in His word, in His presence.  So, we say as Paul said, I can do all thing through Christ which (alone) strengthens me.  Power from on high is in me.  I am a temple of the Holy Ghost: Jesus bought me and I am His workmanship. My only hope: my sure hope – is Him.

Suffering abounds. But this suffering makes the amazingly “Good News” appealing to the broken in spirit. Count on it. Did not the Gospel reach you?

The Life That Wins is that indomitably determined soul who cannot be stopped. Jesus saves! Jesus saves! (Indomitable) It is the experience of God’s kingdom people of all ages.





If we were to see the future before us; the near future, as opposed to that hope of all believers, we might tremble in fear. For some of us, our loved ones will die.  Some will suffer much more than we want to see.  We may suffer financial loss.  Our country could even be attacked.

The scripture tells us to “think on” the brighter side. “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for us.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

The truth is, “All things work together for good” for those who follow after the LORD. (Romans 8:28)

Actually, fiery trials are meant by the Lord to remove ugly stuff from our being: and we can praise the LORD at all times.

He is in charge.

He will see us through.

He in us will shine more brilliantly in difficult life-experiences.

Many of the Christian hymns which stir our hearts were written in the midst of great sorrow and pain. Much of the Old and New Testament writing was written from prisons, during exiles, in times of moral decay.

The light shined in darkness, and the darkness could not put it out. (1 John 1:5).

We are urged to pass the need of understanding details and rather to wholeheartedly trust the LORD.  We err if we scurry from teacher to teacher or even passage to passage; but hesitate leaning on Him only. “He is faithful.”

We must bridge over doubts and dismay because the way of praise can not be maintained when we stop with every mental uncertainty.

We must refuse to be surprised by difficulties, and over-taken by fears.  Our feelings are often the poorest guide, erroneous in their forecasts; for out of darkness and into the light is every day “which the LORD has made . . . we will rejoice and be glad therein.”  (Psalm 118:24)

“And the evening and the morning were the first day.”  (Genesis 1:5)

God tells the story of darkness to light: it is His Gospel.   It is our hope.  The details are His to govern.

Jesus suffered: but think on what was accomplished!  We are God’s sons, look at what His “Great cloud of witnesses accomplished.” (Hebrews 12: 1-3)

We have the scriptures because of their lives. We know the Gospel hope because of their sacrifice.

Time is a measurement of short duration. What happened in time, all the while, was under His constant control.

Eternity wraps itself around time from everlasting to everlasting.

Darkness changes and gives way to light.  Don’t grope through life without Him.




Clark grew up Catholic, but never understood that Christ came to live with him and in him forever.

Just as I used to think that I had earn my way into heaven, so did Clark.

Well, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to share my story with my testimony with my mother in law.

Clark was sitting at the table with us and just listen to the story, and when I came to the part where Buddy asked me if I had ever asked Christ to come into my soul, well, Clark started to answer the question for himself. He said he hadn’t.

So, (no quite sure if I heard him right), I continued on with the story about how you asked me if I wanted to pray to invite Christ into my soul, and Clark answered the question again with a Yes!

I share this with you because it was your obedience to Holy Spirit that day in Menards that lead to the testimony that literally saved this man’s life!

He uses us without our planning it and many times without us knowing the extent of how far He is able reach someone else as we allow Him to reach through us!