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Monthly Archives: August 2015

We pray for revival thinking the need is “out there.” We are not quite correct. We think somehow that God is at fault, not quite ready: are we deceived thinking that God is reluctant to do what He actually desires to do?

We are as a warehouse where the truly needed supplies for life can be found. The warehouse is not the products; it is distributor of the products.

Feeling that we are short on the supply – God’s presence, His power, His real and actual outreach to the needy – is a battle common to us all. Has the Lord not promised? God’s supply is more than there. We are the reason that it appears too often that God is slack.

God’s warehouse is not empty but “The laborers are few,” says He.
Who saved me eagerly wants to save my neighbor. Who has healed me and my wife multiple times, heals yet. Faith in His promise must never be excused by foolish disclaimers.

He grants “More than we ask or think,” and never less; “More than conquerors through Christ” as we live through our struggles. The longer the delays of struggles common to us all – the greater the attention amasses.

We are not really a warehouse; we are “vessels” of Him and of His supply. Normal Christians see the Lord at work through their own efforts. They recognize their complete dependency on Him and trust for His dependability in their lives.

Religion is not Christianity since religion focuses on what men must do. Christianity rightly understood is about what God did and does through men who exercise faith in Him.

“Without Me, you can do nothing.” not reaching into the world for Christ’s cause – is to miss out on the main purpose of life in this world.

The call is to encourage men to believe and all-the-while-believe ourselves that God is at work through us: Him through us: we through Him: this is true Christianity.