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Real Think Inc. is a nonprofit corporation founded by Christian authors and speakers Buddy and Linda Blanford.

Our primary goal is to encourage people in the marketplace, or anywhere we find an open door, that God loves them and will prove His love to them if they will seek Him. We know His love transforms lives.   He is the one who will save our lives from paths that destroy us: He sets us free.

Christians know in experience that God has their back––and their front. Assurance of this is a common testimony of Christians of all times, but this too often is not how Christianity is represented by the media or in education.

Christians know they can’t prove the existence of God through debate, but they are certain that He has proven His existence to them, and will do the same for those who sincerely seek Him.

Real thinking is handcuffed in education.  Skepticism among some educators has remained unchecked for so long that their opinions are taken as correct. 

The result is misinformation accepted as fact and truth being obstructed; by irresponsible thinking.

The Bible became the most popular book in literary history because within its pages multitudes found real help, hope, wisdom, and how to begin a personal relationship with God. It answers our questions, and inspires the best thoughts and hopes within all of us

Our mission includes accepting invitations for:

  • Speaking
  • Open dialogue in “Round Table” discussions
  • Forums